The Weekend Nerdiary

Episode 9

An interesting week for aero/astro nerds! This week we'll go flying (in more ways than one), bring the house down...the street, learn why UI design is worth it, and maybe even play some Jazz. Onward!

=- Space invaders -=

The big exciting story this week is that we landed the Perseverance rover on Mars! Two super cool things about Perseverance:

  • It will drill into the Martian surface and collect core samples that will be saved for later return to earth (on a future mission)
  • It's carrying Ingenuity - The Mars Helicopter, a technology demonstration to test the first powered flight on Mars. Some details on the backstory of the helicopter project.

Here's the recorded livestream of the whole landing event.

And here's an image gallery of the top pictures (and a raw list of all images too). Not many yet - but plenty to come!)

And on the topic of planetary exploration, lest we not forget that the Russians landed the Venera 13 probe ON VENUS (in 1982!). Here's a photo from the surface:

The probe lasted about 2 hours before its electronics melted from the 855 degree surface temperature. But it recorded and sent back audio from the surface! Here's a slightly cheesy but annotated video of the recordings.

-// Fly time //-

The other crazy thing that happened this week was that United Airlines 328 - a Boeing 777 - had an explosive engine failure right after it took off from Denver. It landed safely! But not before some amazing things happened...

Here was the view from inside the plane (eek):

And the view from the ground:

And the view of the engine cowling from someone's front yard (!!!)

And the full ATC audio w/ flight track overlay. Everyone was cool and collected, which is amazing.

[/\] Home on the range [/\]

And on the fun side of the week, this morning a 139-year-old, 2-story Victorian house in San Francisco - 807 Franklin Street - moved. Literally:

The SF Chronicle has the backstory and a great video (w/ drone footage!):

I happened to be out on a bike ride and caught the whole scene. Here's a short 4K video I shot to really get a sense for the scale of this thing:

** Play time **

Jazz Keys - This is fun! Turn your sound on, start typing, and make some jazz with your keyboard.

Iceberger - Draw & float an iceberg! (in 2d)

$$ Bits and coins $$

Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design - Whoops! But seriously, if your software looks & behaves like this...

At 93, She Waged War on JPMorganā€”and Her Own Grandsons - The fascinating story of Beverley Schottenstein going after her financial advisors (who happened to be her grandchildren) - and winning. Moral: Don't mess with your grandma.

:: Pretty pixels ::

Photographer Mitch Rouse did a gorgeous project capturing some of the amazing patterns of California agriculture

Oddly Satisfying Vol. 9 "is a series of different short loops, each one based upon the idea to trigger some kind of odd satisfaction and that inexplicable feeling we all know." By Andreas Wannerstedt.

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