The Weekend Nerdiary

Episode 4

This week (other than eating Doritos) we'll warp our brains, eat breakfast cereal again, sing some sea shanties, and find the true meaning of dubstep. Onward, fellow nerds....

((( Bio beat )))

Perhaps a silver lining to all of this: Moderna is developing three new mRNA-based vaccines for seasonal flu, HIV, and Nipah virus and BioNTech is using mRNA to treat Multiple Sclerosis.

** Play time **

Akiyoshi's illusion pages - Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka has an original collection of some of the best optical illusions you'll ever see. Don't get lost!

{ Code code code code code }

Encoding data in dubstep drops. "Warning: Those who can’t stand EDM/dubstep, oh boy do I have bad news for you in regards to this blog post."
The 2020 State of Javascript Survey results are out. It's always an interesting peek into the (for better or for worse) ever-changing world of frontend development.
Snowpack 3.0 was released this week. Snowpack is awesome. It's a better / faster / simpler way of building your frontend. If you've spent any time trying to wrap your head around the insanity that is Webpack (or Rollup or Parcel or or or or), check this out and I bet you'll find it to be a breath of fresh air.
A half hour to learn Rust is a great introduction on what can otherwise be a fairly steep learning curve for Rust, the language first launched in 2010 that's rapidly growing as a fast, safe, powerful alternative to C/C++ (and more).

!! Truth is stranger than truth !!

Lost Passwords Lock Millionaires Out of Their Bitcoin Fortunes - "Stefan Thomas, a German-born programmer living in San Francisco, has two guesses left to figure out a password that is worth, as of this week, about $220 million."

Thought exercise: How much would you pay for that hard drive, as-is, right now?

~~ Omnomnomnomnom ~~

The crossover of food, tech, and design - specialized, tech-oriented specialty food products backed up with intensely-designed websites:
Immi - High protein, low-carb, plant-based instant ramen.
Magic Spoon - Keto-friendly breakfast cereal.
Nuggs 2.0 - "The Tesla of chicken nuggets" - 100% plant-based deep-fried chicken nuggets.

:: Pretty pixels ::

I love Studio VØR's collection of rich, vibrant, animated landing pages.
2021-22 Taubmans Colour Report - "A celebration of bright, bold colours at a time when their positive influence is needed most."
Oliver Wetter's "Still Life Personal Exercise Series" kinda speaks for its nerdy self :)
Collletttivo is an open source type foundry with a collection of typefaces that, unlike many "free fonts", you'll actually want to use.

... /dev/urandom ...

Here's a super cool, digitally remastered, 4K @ 60fps video of what it was like to drive up 8th Avenue in NYC in the 1940s.
This week in the Internet: harmonizing together over TikTok + a random fascination with Sea Shanties =
(Be sure to check out some of the reply videos in that thread - particularly the 8-bit chiptune version ;)
And while we're on the subject of great internet music...the best 48 seconds you'll watch all week:

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