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Episode 2

Good news everyone! Nobody told me they hated Episode 1, so I shall subject you to more. Enjoy :)

(( Sound(e)scapes ))

I'd never been one to be able to work to music until I discovered that I was just listening to the wrong type of music while working. Here's some sounds to try... claims a "science-first approach" - I've only used their "Focus" modules but I really like it. They use the concept of binaural beats in their tracks.
[email protected] also claims they're a "neuroscience based music service" but they've actually done a study on their effectiveness. I've used them as well and the music is also quite excellent.
And of course there's always Spotify. I've slowly built a playlist of weird electro-jazz (and more traditional electro-everything) for coding at night. Feel free to play along...

=- Space invaders -=

May I remind you that in 2018, JAXA (the Japanese space agency) landed a spacecraft ON AN ASTEROID (twice, technically):
Well it's returned home now, and it brought back presents:

{ Code code code code code }

Functional programming in C++ (2012) - One of the great programming articles written by the great John Carmack. This changed the way I think about writing code.
"No matter what language you work in, programming in a functional style provides benefits. You should do it whenever it is convenient, and you should think hard about the decision when it isn't convenient."
Execute Program is an online learning platform that uses spaced repetition to teach programming concepts. It more frequently reviews concepts that you have trouble with and less frequently reviews those you master. They've got a bunch of free lessons on SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, and RegEx (ugh regex).

** Play time **

PSX Party is a way to play PlayStation 1 your browser...with friends!

// Life, The Universe, and Everything //

This is click crack for me, but here's the 2021 installment of a thread about successful one-person online businesses. It's a recurring thread on Hacker News but always interesting. Highlights include an eBay bid sniping service (21 years and going strong!), tools to organize which movies & TV shows you're watching or a new job hunt, eBook authors, niche job boards, and some coding tools.
30 Life Enhancing Learnings. Last week's list-of-100 got great responses, so here's some more. At some point I'll make a list-of-lists, but in the meantime, enjoy some more pocket wisdom. Highlights:
6. Journal daily. Regularly recording things you are grateful for is scientifically proven to increase your happiness.

13. Share your learnings with others online. Teaching others reinforces your own learning and attracts those with similar interests.

15. Be a front seater. If you've made the effort to attend an event, why not maximise your enjoyment of it!? (Note - I don't apply this thinking to comedy gigs!)

20. Strong views loosely held. Be firm in your beliefs, but open to changing your view when you hear new evidence.

|| Long(ish)reads ||

What the Hole Is Going On? Why there's a Bucatini Shortage in America. The totally real, amazingly well-researched, and basically awesome story about why there is actually a bucatini shortage in America.

!! Truth is stranger than truth !!

"One of the Tyson Foods managers fired for betting on how many workers would contract COVID-19 at their Iowa pork plant says the office pool was spontaneous and intended to boost morale"
Video...of an earthquake...from a news conference in Croatia earthquake the day before (!)
Black magic fuckery, for sure:
Ok now they're just buttering us up (....before they ruthlessly take over the world.)

:: Pretty pixels ::

I'm really enjoying the kinda crazy retro-futuristic work of Klarens Malluta (ps if someone has a better way of describing this genre, lmk!)
Super cool packaging design / rebranding for Spathis, an Egyptian beverage line.
Some house porn for you in Glen Park, SF. May we all be so lucky as to have trees in our atriums one day.

... /dev/urandom ...

And the award for the oldest unpurchased and now laughably out-of-date item on an Amazon Wishlist goes to...
Oh you know, just a dog & dolphin playing with each other:
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