The Weekend Nerdiary

Episode 11

This week we watch a Starship land, watch a container ship float, watch an engine crank, and learn how Bugs Bunny taught us all opera. Onward!

=- Space invaders -=

SpaceX launched Starship prototype #10 this week on a high-altitude (10km) flight test - and it landed! ...sort of. Note this is NOT CGI...this is real!

Unfortunately a few minutes after that landing...well...:

But this is all progress and they're getting better and better with each launch. Super exciting.

!! Truth is stranger than truth !!

David Morris snapped this photo of a ship off the Cornish coast of England. It's a phenomenal example of what's called a "superior mirage". The NYT has a great story on the details.

?? Stuff works ??

Here's a site - aptly named Animated Engines - that....animates engines! From the traditional 4-stroke to the esoteric (Newcomen Atmospheric!), this is a great way to visualize something we use every day in one form or another.

And their sister site (not quite as complete, but still cool) - an animated version of the classic technical reference Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements (first published in 1868)

Love riding your bike? Have a frozen lake out front? Winter blues got you down? No problem!

{ Code code code code code }

In this week's Epic Hack department: How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%.

(( Sound(e)scapes ))

This is amazing and worth reading and listening to in its entirety...

iSongs has a great YouTube channel in which he recreates famous songs in Apple's Garage Band (on the iPhone!). Here is his rendition of The Weeknd - Blinding Lights. I dare you not to watch the whole 6:47...

:: Pretty pixels ::

LearnUI has a really great free web-based gradient-generator tool for quickly making smooth, seamless gradients without the muddy "in-between" grays that often come from a simple begin-end gradient.

Leopoldo D'Angelo is an Italian digital artist and produces stunning, cyberpunk-inspired images (with cats!). What's not to love?

.. /dev/urandom ..

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