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Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Weekend Nerdiary!  Sorry for being late to the newsletter party.  (But I brought beer and fun links.)

This is an experiment. The goal is for this to be fun to read / skim / mercilessly delete on a lazy Sunday.

Tell me if you hate it.  Tell me if you love it!  Maybe it'll become a thing.

{ Code code code code code }

Hotwire aka "New Magic" launches - Hotwire == HTML over the wire.  David Heinemeier Hansson (aka DHH, the creator of Ruby on Rails) has been teasing this for a while.  Rich Harris, the creator of Svelte (a frontend framework that I'm currently having a love affair with), has a not-so-enthusiastic take.
Hotwire is an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire.
Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine.  A fascinating (but brief) dive through the source code of the mRNA vaccine from a software engineer's perspective.  It's only 4284 characters!
Applesoft 280 Character Basic Bot - A bunch of Applesoft BASIC demos that fit in 280-byte tweets (!).  This won the 1st place retro-demo at Demosplash 2020.

[[ Shiny new things ]]

Honk is another step in the constant march toward complete societal collapse in the form of an ephemeral messaging apps.  But apparantly VCs are super excited about it and therefore you should know that it exists...for now.
Craft is a native macOS + iOS app that's a fresh take on the explosion of dynamic document creation + note-taking apps out there.
Spline is aiming to do for 3D what Sketch/Figma did for web/UI design - reduce complexity & web-native.

~~ Mmm coffee ~~

She makes it look so easy...

// Life, The Universe, and Everything //

100 Tips for a Better Life - Quite good and worth reading (and doing!). A few highlights:
1.  If you want to find out about people’s opinions on a product, google  reddit. You’ll get real people arguing, as compared to the SEO’d Google results.

38.  You have a plan. A time-traveller from 2030 appears and tells you your plan failed. Which part of your plan do you think is the one that fails? Fix that part. 

49.  Don’t confuse ‘doing a thing because I like it’ with ‘doing a thing because I want to be seen as the sort of person who does such things’

79.  When dating, de-emphasizing your quirks will lead to 90% of people thinking you’re kind of alright. Emphasizing your quirks will lead to 10% of people thinking you’re fascinating and fun. Those are the people interested in dating you. Aim for them.

|| Long(ish)reads ||

A few months ago Wired published a fascinating story about Mostly Harmless, a hiker who turned up dead on the The Appalachian Trail. 

Update:  The mystery has been solved.

!! Truth is stranger than truth !!

Investigation: I Think I Know Which Justice Flushed.  "Someone on the Supreme Court livestreamed a bathroom session. The evidence suggests a particular culprit."  This is what investigative journalism is all about.

:: Pretty pixels ::

Dally goods - Clever design (note the logo as you scroll on the live site.)
Fantasy UIs - Interviews with the designers behind the crazy UIs from TV + Movies (Black Mirror, etc.)
Fictional Videogame Stills - a pixel art project by artist Suzanne Treister from the early 90s.  Made on Deluxe Paint II on an Amiga!
Color Therapy - by Paolo Pettigiani.  

"Sometimes I feel the pure need to bring colors into my life as a way to escape from this unusual and gray moment that we are experiencing."
Harbour Hamburg I - by Alexander Schoenberg.  These photos have a soft, almost videogame-like glow to them.
Japan Nights - by Aishy.  Japan + my current favorite color scheme.  How could I not include this?
Perer Tarka - is a London-based 3D artist that almost makes you want to spend 10,000 hours learning Cinema 4D...
"The Zukunft type family is an homage to classic didone typefaces. Though using traditional proportions, the design explores a more futuristic approach; the letters overall seem more digitally created, featuring triangular serifs, right angles and strict horizontal lines."

... /dev/urandom ...

And last but certainly not least...
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